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Your construction smells of corruption

By knittykittybangbang, Oct 11 2018 12:24PM

Copying happens to everyone in this industry. I honestly can’t think of a single designer or maker I know who has any sort of clear social media presence who it hasn’t happened to. It happens with content sharing without credit, it happens with items ‘inspired by’ those of others and it happens with flat out copies.

I’ve been in this job 7 or 8 years now (I’m no use at time) and it’s happened to me various times over that period and I pretty much just laugh and shrug it off…ok I might share it with a close friend and have a bitch (hallelujah to the sixteen loyal fans!) about it but I never publicly acknowledge it or feel like I need to say anything.

Until now. Now it’s just getting ridiculous.

I’ve had my work ripped off 7 times in the last couple of months (there’s that time thing again, can’t get my head round it. It could be one month, could be 2, I’m really not sure…it’s def not as many as 3). I’m not talking the ‘inspired by’ kind either, I’m talking flat out copies. And that’s….well it is what it is. There’s no point getting upset about it, the only person that hurts is me and what’s the point in that? There is something that’s bothered me lately though.

In all cases, the people who are copying me, behave as though they are better than me.

I’m not kidding. I’ve met some of them and they’ve treated me like garbage. Some are friends of friends and they STILL treat me like garbage with no heed to the disrespect that shows to our mutual friend/s. They’ve made it very clear that I’m below them, that they are stars and artistes and I am….not. And LMAO to that! I'm blown to the maxim, two hemispheres, battlin' over that right there.

Babes, you’re copying my work, I ain’t copying yours. Get down on your mothafuckin' knees - YOU come to ME when you need inspiration.


Scruffy, fat, weird, rebellious, never-quite-fits-in, me. Me who writes snarky as fuck blog posts and peppers them with niche musical references to see if anyone notices. Me who will never quite come off as cool. And that’s HILARIOUS. I’m just here, living my life, doing my thing, giving zero fucks about looking insta-perfect or being seen with the ‘right people’ at the trendy places, just doing my best to be a good person and live an authentic life.

I’m not intimidated by you and I certainly don’t strive to be like you, but you could strive to be a bit more like me I think. After all, I do appear to actually have better ideas than you, otherwise why would you steal them? <bats eyelashes innocently>

And kindness and just being polite would cost you nothing, even if you do think I’m somehow less than you. It's really disrespectful to our mutual friends and I'm assuming you care for your friends because I certainly care for mine.

Now I’m not gonna call anyone out here, you know who you are. I’m also not going to ask you to stop or ask you to give me a cut of the money you’ve made, and sweethearts, if you’ve got your Etsy sales visible I know how much you’ve made in that instance alone.

I accept that I have no way of stopping you, and nor can I be arsed trying to tbh however there is something I'd like you to do though. I got a few more minutes, so I'll cut to what you need.


That’s it. Take 10% from what you’ve earned from my work – fuck 5% even, I know how many hundreds some of you have made (I shit you not, I really do know, I'm like the eye of Sauron me) and spend it on stuff I’ve made. Buy it, get it home, then do whatever you like with it – charity shop, bin, whatever – but keep me working, that’s only fair (and hey you need my inspiration right?). Assuage your guilt.

Launder your karma.

Credit to Pigeonhed. <<<<this is how you credit someone btw, not hard eh?

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