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New Range "Celestial Earth" is coming on 18th August!

By knittykittybangbang, Jul 31 2018 10:46AM

On 18th August we will be launching our *new* Celestial Earth jewellery range.

The range will feature brand new designs plus a brand new, on trend, colourway so fit in with your autumn / winter looks! The pieces will be available in limited colours, although special orders will be possible, and there will be something to suit all pockets!

This range is inspired by some of my favourite things – the sky at night, stars, magic, art history, fashion, girls etc etc. The idea of opulence in jewellery, the feeling of dripping in gems, is a big trend for autumn winter 2018/2019 along with stacking jewellery and big statement pieces, so I’ve introduced some big earrings and bigger statement necklaces – colourful and statement but in a pared down style as jewellery should enhance not overpower – you wear the jewellery, the jewellery doesn’t wear you.

You may also have seen the star ear studs which have been hugely popular on social media! I am delighted to have those as part of the range as stars are a very important symbol for me personally and when I use a star in my work I feel like there is a part of me attached to it.

We are stardust, we are golden

We are billion year old carbon

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

(Joni Mitchell. Woodstock)

There will also be some more expensive pieces in the range, by popular demand! It’s always been important to me that my jewellery was affordable (“I don’t want to make things I can’t afford to buy myself”) however I am aware that my current range doesn’t necessarily offer a high end option for when you need a special gift or really want to treat yourself. These come in the form of a pair of earrings which have been in my head for years as well as some solid gold!

You’ll have seen lots of pictures of the navy colourway on our social media channels however the new colourway is a secret still! I gotta say though, I think the navy will always be my favourite – I’m a sucker for that opulent blue: night skies, deep pools, flecked with gold like a renaissance painting of the Virgin Mary. Lush and luxurious. Yum.

Sorry! Thinking about colour sets me off! If you ever want to chat about colour, come speak to me at an event, I will happily talk to you at length!

The range will be out on 18th August in the Etsy shop first then will be available at the August Dundee Ministry of Crafts event on 25th August and at all events after that unless it sells out! Pieces are limited in number and I would strongly suggest that if there are any items you want for Christmas that you should get in early to avoid disappointment. The full range will be available until the end of the year.

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