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By knittykittybangbang, Sep 15 2016 12:29PM

I’m worn out right now. Like, properly worn out. Some day soon you’re gonna come in the shop and I will be asleep behind the desk (I have blankets and a hot water bottle already) and there will be an honesty box on the desk. Why am I so worn out? Because it’s all go for Dundee Ministry of Crafts!

I’m so excited for this. We’ve been working on it for well over a year now and with the first event on 24th September things are getting to a real pitch!

Dundee is such a vibrant city with such a strong creative heritage. So many of our stallholders at the Aberdeen Minsitry of Crafts event and the knittykittybangbang presents… events come from Dundee, it seemed silly to NOT be holding an event there.

We’ve chosen the Steeple Church smack bang in the middle of the Overgate Centre as our venue. It made sense as it mirrors the fact we use the Methodist Church in Aberdeen. I first went for a nose around early this year and it really is a great venue with bags of room and lots of options.

Now obviously we already have a lot of contacts and around Dundee, and several of our Aberdeen and shire folks will also be appearing at DMoC, but it’s been really exciting getting applications in from completely new faces. There are so many big talents out there and they need the chance to shine. With so many independent shops and galleries that sell independently produced goods closing across Scotland, it’s even more important that events such as this continue to grow and be supported.

Lazylinepainterbelle, who designed our Aberdeen flyers, has worked on a Dundee version for us which keeps the feel of our branding (and Gladys the AMoC lady) but has taken out the sailing boats of Aberdeen and added a penguin inspired by the Dundee penguins outside the venue. We’ve added a bit of new colour too to freshen things up! The printed flyers are arriving today and I can’t wait to get my mitts on them! I’m lucky enough to have a pro printing set up for the posters so they’ll get done very shortly too. (If you’d like some sent to you, or you can put up a poster somewhere just drop me an email to knittykittybangbang@knittykittybangbang.co.uk and I’ll get some out to you.

If you'd like more information, or would like to apply for a space, just pop over to the website for more info www.dundeemoc.co.uk or you can of course check it out on Facebook where we'll be showcasing all the stallholders.


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