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Knittykittybangbang was started by Carolyn Anderson Shepherd in 2010.  In 2012 Carolyn decided that life was too short and she quit her secure, well paid job to run knittykittybangbang full time.  "Everyone thought I was crazy, but it's honestly the best thing I've ever done!" she says.


Carolyn was brought up in Orkney and left in 2000 to study for an MA in Art History and Celtic Civilisation at Aberdeen Uni.  She has also studied textiles, fashion and silversmithing, and worked for a while at designer textile firm Tait and Style.


Unable to find a way to produce what she wanted using traditional techniques, Carolyn has developed her own methods, drawing from fine art, craft and even building techniques, to produce her brightly coloured jewellery.  "I think of each piece as a painting," she says.  "Each piece is different, and has elements and features unique to it, even if it's just a pair of studs!'


knittykittybangbang now produce pieces in both precious and non-precious metals which play with light and look different against different skin tones and with different outfits.


Carolyn is one of the management team of Aberdeen and Dundee Ministry of Crafts as well as being chair and founder of Angus Creative Practitioners.